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Cobber has a GitHub page.

October 28, 2013 Comments off

Hello everyone.

A quick post to let you all know Cobber now has its own GitHub page where development will be based on Cobber specific content.

I have put everything I have so far on it so that others who would like to join in can also work on Cobber and help with their expertise.

So far these are the various aspects of the GitHub repository (main entry page) (backgrounds for Cobber with various files used in Gnome and MATE desktop environments. More to follow). (A menu for Cobber based on the now unmaintained Cardapio). (A lockdown tool for MATE based on Gnome 2.x Pessulus. This will enable certain parts of MATE to be locked so that they cannot be altered without proper permissions). (The page where I will keep the script for initial translation work. I will remove it from the wordpress page so there is a standard location for it).

As always if anyone want to help in Cobbers development please contact me.


Cobber Repository

November 1, 2011 Comments off

I have started a repository for Cobber and have some debs in it already. These are to help people add commonly used, and some not so commonly used yet, codecs, apps, and extras that would otherwise take a while to locate. There are not many at the moment but my intention is to develop it as a repo for Cobber users. It is currently located at and I will generate the required files so people can put the repo in their sources.list To use cobber-extras it is assumed you will have contrib and non-free enabled in your Debian sources and have the Debian Multimedia repository in your sources.list

If you don’t already have Debian Multimedia you can add either the actual repository or the Australian Debian Multimedia mirror located at:

deb stable main non-free
deb-src stable main non-free

deb stable main non-free
deb-src stable main non-free

Unless you really want to download all the source I would advise you to comment the deb-src entry out by putting a # in front of it in your sources.list

Preferred music player

September 4, 2011 Comments off

Adding to our polls finding out what applications people prefer to use this poll is about what music players people prefer. Please take a few minutes of your time and add your vote to the list.

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Preferred chat client

September 4, 2011 Comments off

Adding to our polls finding out what applications people prefer to use this poll is about what chat clients people prefer. Please take a few minutes of your time and add your vote to the list.

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Preferred web browsers

September 4, 2011 Comments off

In order to make a truly user based distro I am having polls to find out what applications people prefer to use. This poll is about what web browser we use most and it is highly likely that the most used browser would become the main browser in each release.

My preference is Firefox/Iceweasel (for those who do not know, Firefox and Iceweasel are the same just different names). I am assuming most people would prefer Firefox, Chrome or Chromium but I would appreciate your feedback on this poll.

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Welcome to CobberLinux

September 3, 2011 4 comments

Welcome to CobberLinux.

[EDIT]: This wordpress blog is old and no longer maintained. This is because as of 2016 Cobber has a new home on the net, you can find it here Please use the new site for all your Cobber Linux needs. [/EDIT]

Please take time to read this post plus the links (internal and external) provided to gain a better understanding of the purpose of CobberLinux.

What is CobberLinux (Cobber for short)?

Cobber is a project to create a uniquely Australasian version of Linux. Cobber is based on Debian and uses DebianLive to build a LiveDVD/LiveUSB system including installer.

How much does Cobber cost?

Nothing, it is/will be free and will always remain free if you download it. I intend to provide DVD and/or USB media with Cobber on it and because I am (currently) the only person here I will need to charge for media and postage.

How is Cobber uniquely Australasian?

The intent of Cobber is to provide a Linux system that suits Australian, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinean users without containing unnecessary bloat (e.g. translations that are not required or academically correct for the country/culture such as American English). While this will take time it is hoped that each country/culture group can develop translations that suits the national and cultural languages of the peoples using Cobber. The intention is to produce a LiveDVD and LiveUSB installer with the appropriate localisation settings (e.g. timezone, area, keyboard, languages) already in place allowing users a quick and easy installation.

Cobber is the first Linux distro, feel free to provide proof that I am incorrect if you can, that encourages work translating upstream (see point 2 below). Doing this helps all Linux users not just end users of Cobber. While our aim is to produce a uniquely Australasian Linux we also believe in giving other Linux users the choice to use Australasian translations in their preferred distro.

How can I/you help Cobber achieve its goals?

  1. You can help Cobber achieve its goals by joining the Cobber Community.
  2. You could also join other Linux communities such as Gnome, KDE, MATE, XFCE, and LXDE and help translate these environments into your language. By joining these communities you not only help Cobber but you will help Linux in general. For Australian English translation/localisation I am using the Oxford English Dictionary and the Australian National Dictionary.
  3. If translation isn’t something you feel you can help with there are also visual aspects of Cobber such as artwork, backgrounds and screen savers that are open for enthusiastic people to share their artistic talents with others.
  4. Like any operating system Cobber is always going to encourage people with programming skills to help.
  5. You could test development versions of Cobber and help to iron out any bugs that limit its usability.
  6. Take part in any polls listed so we can develop a system that suits the majorities purpose.

What versions of Cobber will be available?

For the Australian edition there will be 1 major version and various testing versions. It is expected that each countries edition users will name its versions. The Cobber (Australian edition) dists are:

Experimental=Experimental (Experimental is not for general use).

This isn’t set in stone, if anyone can give suggestions they will be considered through a community forum.