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Cobber Linux has a new home on the net.

August 1, 2016

Even though I have been quiet on the blog I have been active in other areas. I’ll explain what I mean.

Cobber has a new home on the net, you can find it here http://cobber-linux.org/

Cobber’s blog is also part of the new website and it can be found here http://blog.cobber-linux.org/

Cobber also now has a forum, as part of the website, which I am finalising various aspects that are oriented towards keeping it safe from spam. The forum can be found here http://forum.cobber-linux.org/

My tutorials will now not only be posted on the new blog they will also be posted in the forum in a dedicated forum section. Anyone who has some tips and tricks that can be used in Cobber (specifically) or Debian based Linux (in general), and even Linux (even more general), is encouraged to write a tutorial and submit it for approval. The Tutorials section of the Cobber forum can be found here http://forum.cobber-linux.org/viewforum.php?f=31

Cobber now has its own torrent tracker which can been found here http://torrents.cobber-linux.org/ I have installed this in the website so myself and interested users can see how many torrents have been downloaded for each individual iso as well as all iso images combined.

Anyway, it has come time to say thanks to wordpress.com for hosting the Cobber blog. I’ll leave this blog here so people who come across it can find their way to Cobber but from this point on all activity on Cobber will occur on the official Cobber website.

I hope to see you at Cobber’s new official home and look forward to discussing Cobber with you.

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