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Cobber gets its own kernel

February 4, 2012

Today after a fair bit of trial and error Cobber has received its own kernel. Up until today I have been using the vanilla Debian kernel and the Liquorix kernel. Now both of these kernels are brilliant and will probably be offered in Cobber so you the end user has a choice of what kernel you want to use. So why give Cobber its own kernel? I wanted to build a kernel it is as simple as that. The config for Cobber’s kernel is a mixture of the vanilla Debian and the Liquorix kernel configs. Why did I do it this way? Well I wanted a solid base and you cannot get more solid than Debian, I also wanted a few performance improvements and Liquorix has this down pat so you realy couldn’t go past Liquorix as a base for performance in a Debian type system. I wanted more though. I wanted a learning experience, I wanted the latest kernel (both stable and release candidate) from kernel.org and I would like a kernel that “just works”. Yes this will mean non-free may be part of one of the versions of the Cobber kernel. The important thing is you, the end user, has a choice.

Anyway enough of the chatter, I know you want proof so check the screenshot.

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