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Cobber Repository

November 1, 2011

I have started a repository for Cobber and have some debs in it already. These are to help people add commonly used, and some not so commonly used yet, codecs, apps, and extras that would otherwise take a while to locate. There are not many at the moment but my intention is to develop it as a repo for Cobber users. It is currently located at https://sourceforge.net/p/cobberlinux/ and I will generate the required files so people can put the repo in their sources.list To use cobber-extras it is assumed you will have contrib and non-free enabled in your Debian sources and have the Debian Multimedia repository in your sources.list

If you don’t already have Debian Multimedia you can add either the actual repository or the Australian Debian Multimedia mirror located at:

deb http://mirror.optus.net/debian-multimedia/ stable main non-free
deb-src http://mirror.optus.net/debian-multimedia/ stable main non-free

deb ftp://mirror.optus.net/debian-multimedia/ stable main non-free
deb-src ftp://mirror.optus.net/debian-multimedia/ stable main non-free

Unless you really want to download all the source I would advise you to comment the deb-src entry out by putting a # in front of it in your sources.list

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